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  • Continuous green screen measuring 15’ high by 48’ long; approx. 3,200 square feet of filming area in front of green screen. (74’ x 43’); working height = 21’

  • Recently installed central commercial heat & air conditioning

  • 1,600+ amps of house power available.

  • House lighting available to light entire green screen and floor area. Light grid installed.

  • Walls are cinderblock construction with sound deadening material injected and covered with 1” whisper board. Roof sprayed with 2” of cellulous sound deadening material.

  • Three separate, double door loading/loadout locations.

  Other Studio Amentities
  • Green room available.

  • Office spaces available.

  • Separate mens/womens dressing rooms with laundry facilities.

  • Kitchen/Catering Area.

  • Limited parking on premises

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