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Louisiana Increases Tax Credits from 25% to 30%

According to the Louisiana office of economic development, Louisiana has developed the most serviceable tax credit program in the country offering a 30% transferable credit for total in-state expenditures related to the production of a motion picture. An additional 5% labor tax credit can be earned on the payroll of Louisiana residents that are employed by a state certified motion picture production.

The tax credits are fully transferable and Louisiana has no limit to the amount of tax credits that can be earned by a single production. Only money spent on your production costs within the borders of the state of Louisiana will qualify for the 30% tax credit. That includes all services that are performed in Louisiana from residents and non-residents alike.

The state has increased the option to transfer credits to the state from $.74 To $.85 On the dollar. If production selects that option, the state will send you a check immediately. Click below for more information on Louisiana tax incentives.


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